For more than two decades, Carlton has created distinctive personal styles and head-turning public images for discerning women around the word.

Using his keen eye for line, form, proportion, and fabrication, Carlton artfully aligns any woman’s natural attributes – trouble spots and assets alike – to create her very best, most beautiful presentation.

Carlton has worked his magic for First Lady Michele Obama, Mary J Blige, Jill Scott, Halle Barry, Erykah Badu, and countless other satisfied clients. He would be honored to do the same for you.


Carlton will review your current collection and identify where you have, or need, the basic building blocks of a stylish wardrobe portfolio – from easy and accessible daily and professional attire, to the occasional evening or formal show-stopper.

He will also show you ways to maximize the versatility of your most beloved pieces, and perhaps get new use out of items you haven’t been wearing but “can’t seem to part with.”

This service will help you clear the clutter, achieve a more distinctive style with your current wardrobe, and plan your next fashion purchases for maximum impact.

MAKE IT EASY – Premium Package

Get the full compliment of REFRESH & REVITALIZE services, plus Carlton will go beyond clothes and accessories and assess your physical storage and organization. He will maximize your space, aid in arranging your collection, and teach you tricks of the Celebrity Stylist that takes time and effort out, while putting variety and high-style in to your everyday look.

With this service, comes a one-time assistance with shopping and fitting; building a relationship that can benefit a lifetime.

Do not miss the opportunity for a private consultation with this veteran stylist and fashion expert, and see how easy BEAUTIFUL can be.